Reach Beyond Your Usual Meeting Experience!

Want an outstanding meeting experience?  Consider meeting at a Gaylord property, especially if you haven’t yet.  You will be surprised and most likely spoiled from the first planning session to the last day of your conference.   Once you meet at a Gaylord Resort, it will be difficult to meet again in any other type of hotel.  Gaylord Resorts’ conference teams have mastered the pampering effect on meeting planners.  The Gaylord employees  or as they refer to them, Stars, also know the importance of the meeting planner and the attendees.  Then, there is the added benefit of so much being offered on site so no one ever has to leave the property for the duration of the meeting.


At Gaylord, you can meet, network, dine and indulge in recreational opportunities within the property or nearby.  You will receive exceptional service, dedicated conference planners and a superb team of Stars.  Each property is home to several ballrooms, outdoor and exhibit space.  All of their resorts have over 1,000 guest rooms and several ballrooms and thousands of square foot meeting spaces to accommodate small to larger meetings.


Also, they offer unique, non-traditional spaces to meet.  They help planners think outside the ballroom.  Consider meeting on a rooftop, in the banquet kitchen, in one of the atriums or perhaps outdoors or even underground.  They can design any of these spaces for your meeting while offering a unique experience for the attendees.  Gaylord also offers unique spaces for attendees to network or have one-on-one conversations.    

Your options in booking a Gaylord Resort vary as they are located across the United States in Nashville, Dallas, Maryland, Orlando, and most recently a new Gaylord Resort opened outside of Denver.  Each offer a unique experience, yet the conference experience will be similar.  Gaylord conference teams are dedicated to insuring each meeting they host is successful.  They become part of your planning team from the planning stages to execution.  

Under the Marriott name and service philosophy, Gaylord strives for hosting the perfect meeting, becoming an extension of their clients’ meeting team and aiming for flawless execution.  Should mishaps happen, they are trained to quickly act to resolve the situation with the least amount of mayhem as possible.  I found this motto on their website for meetings – “Your meeting is about more than just tables and chairs.  That’s why we start with people, understand their meeting purpose, and deliver not just a meeting but an experience.  Let’s imagine the possibilities.”  As a planner, I like that Gaylord wants to understand my group and the meeting purpose so that I can achieve my goals and see that the meeting is a success.  

All Gaylord Resorts are close to major airports and local area attractions.  However, it isn’t necessary for the group to ever leave the property.  Most planners admit that their attendees love being in one place, under one roof without ever having to leave.  They can find unique venues within the resort to network, eat, drink and play.  I can attest to that after hosting a 600 person manufacturing sales meeting, the sales team didn’t want to meet at any other hotel for the annual meeting.  They loved being at a Gaylord.  Like I mentioned earlier, the attendees as well as the meeting planners become spoiled at a Gaylord.  Their team does it right!

Are you now considering booking one of their outstanding resorts?  If so, book ahead and get on their books now!  Do multi-year contracts. Work with your national rep for all locations.  Let Gaylord become your true partner.  It really is about the experience.  Attendees will enjoy top-quality guest rooms, excellent food and beverage options  in a variety of restaurants and bars, and you, as the planner, have the assurance that everything your meeting attendees need is all under the same roof.  You will have dedicated conference coordinators (fondly referred to as the “Teal Coats”) who get to know you on a more personal level and are there as an extension to help you achieve your meeting objectives and goals.  They will learn all about you from how you take your coffee and having it ready for you first thing in the morning to what your hot buttons are.  If you mention to them you need a sugar fix, they will find something to calm that sweet tooth!!  I’ve even had them bring me a cold pack for my aching muscles. They really are there to take care of their meeting planners and make you feel as if you are the only group in house. 

Definitely give Gaylord Resorts a try if you haven’t for small to large meetings.  For more information, visit their website at Gaylord Meetings.


Julie Martinez, CMP, CMM is a meeting, event and incentive planning specialist providing consulting, strategic planning and on-site management.  Currently, she is the Summer Programs Manager at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, AZ.  She is a member and contributor of I-Meet, the online business community for people who plan meetings and events. Please connect with her on LinkedIn and follow her Twitter.


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