Top 5 Experiences – Culture and Tradition in Spain

Spain is a place filled with history, culture, and long standing traditions. Many of these traditions continue to be practiced and celebrated today,  making Spain a popular destination for groups, meetings, and incentives.  Below are the top 5 experiences to immerse your attendees in the culture and traditions of Spain.

Experience Flamenco in Andalusia

Andalusia is the birthplace of Flamenco!  Here you will find streets filled with the sounds and sights of this traditional dance. Learn the art of Flamenco at the  Museum of Flamenco Dance.  Private lessons, tours, and shows are available providing visitors with a truly immersive experience.  

Paella, parades and paper mâché statues consumed by fire are what guests will experience during The Fallas Festival.  This festival dates back to the middle ages and is currently one of the largest festivals in Valencia.  Included on the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage of humanity list,  the festival provides a unique and exciting experience for travelers.

Another tradition in Spain is the Running of the Bulls which takes place as part of the San Fermin Festival in Pamplona.  The festival was first documented in the fourteenth century,  and made famous in 1928, when Ernest Hemingway wrote about it in his novel, The Sun Also Rises.   Today, thousands of people participate in the festival, enjoying fireworks, songs, street performances and parades.   On the final night of the festival visitors can  join in the singing of “Pobre de mi”, as they say goodbye until next year.


Experience Wine, Games & Regatta in Basque Country

In the 1800’s, Pelota was a game played on Sundays against the walls of local churches.  Today it is enjoyed throughout the world.  Groups can experience this sport through demonstrations that allow them to watch and bet on the game, or through workshops where they get hands-on experience and play in teams. 

Another great team building activity is to host a Regatta.  Here, participants will board a traditional rowing boat and glide through the waters off of the Basque Coast.  An experienced skipper will guide them along, as they learn to row together as a team. 



After a day of Pelota or Regatta, travelers can enjoy a glass of Txacoli while touring one of the local vineyards.





Experience  The Camino de Santiago in Galicia

For thousands of years pilgrims have traveled the path of St. James, with the Camino being the oldest route.  Although starting points may vary, all routes end in Santiago, and pass through some of the most interesting sites in Spain

The experience encourages a sense of calm, and builds strong connections between  teammates, nature, and the Galician culture.

Experience Carnival in the Canary Islands

Celebrated since the 16th Century with festivals, parades, music and dance, Carnival is often referred to as A “Festival of International Tourist Interest”, and is one of the most vibrant shows in Europe. Local DMC’s can assist with creating a personalized Carnival experience at any time throughout the year.

Experience Hippie Chic in Ibiza  (Balearic Islands)

Ibiza is known for its fashion, nightlife and fabulous beaches, but also has a hippie side.  In the 1960’s “the long haired”, as the Ibiza locals called them, showed up on the Island and never left.  Hippie markets, started in 1973, now attract over 500 artisans featuring  beautiful handcrafted items.

Hippie Market

Fashion was also heavily influenced by the  Ad-Lib, “dress how you want, but with style” movement introduced in 1970.  Today, Ibiza remains an Island of diversity, attracting the uber chic and the hippie with equal ease and welcoming acceptance.

Opportunities abound for creating unique and memorable experiences in Spain.   Come join the fun!

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*all photos courtesy of  Tourist Office of Spain


Beth Becker has more than 20 years’ experience in the travel/hospitality and meetings industry.  Beth's career has focused on high visibility enterprise-wide training programs, meetings and virtual events.  Active in the Meeting community, Beth currently serves as a Moderator for MeCo and a Global Correspondent and Talent Bench member for i-Meet, the online business community for people who plan meetings and events.  You can connect with Beth via Linkedin.


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