Tempting Travellers To  PLUS (Platform for Legacy with US)

Madrid Convention Bureau has been working for several years on the development of tools that make it easier for clients to incorporate sustainability criteria into the design of their meetings taking place in Madrid. The new PLUS (Platform for Legacy with US) digital platform is available to all event planners and allows the generation of specific sustainability reports for each meeting. The reports contain recommendations to minimize the environmental and social impact of each event and can calculate the CO2 emissions produced. What differentiates this tool from other initiatives is that the analytical report is produced before the event is held, allowing corrective actions to be taken in the planning phase. 

As part of sustainability efforts, the Madrid Convention Bureau has created and in September 2021 launched PLUS (Platform for Legacy with US), a valuable tool providing comprehensive information allowing for more informed decision-making during your planning phase. PLUS contains two databases of “eco-sustainable” resources and local organizations aligned with the needs of particular groups in Madrid. 

MICE tourism should consider a series of key recommendations defined by the UNWTO (World Tourism Organization) tempting travellers to:

Develop more innovative tourism models that respect both the environment and the local people that are focused on the quality of travellers’ experiences. 

Avoid large crowds and encourage the use of open spaces or natural sites. 

Advocate for sustainability in the destination and in tourist establishments.  

Be more flexible than ever with last-minute modifications or cancellation.

The Madrid Convention Bureau has also created a MICE Sustainability Guide, with practical information regarding sustainability, legacy, and positive impact. Designed in collaboration with responsible tourism experts, this manual features an in-depth analysis of the Sustainable Development Goals related to the tourism industry, with practical ways to apply them in five different sectors: Special Venues, Hotels, Restaurants and Catering, Service Providers and Events Agencies, Specialist Travel Agents (DMCs), and Professional Conference Organizers (PCOs).

If you are organizing an event in Madrid, please contact the Madrid Convention Bureau for additional information.



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