Granada – Moorish, Magical and Mesmerizing

A beautiful place full of fine old buildings and twisting cobbled streets, exploring Granada is a magical experience. There are a number of great spots that offer breathtaking views over the city. The undoubted highlight is, of course, the Alhambra, a UNESCO-listed World Heritage site, which was the last Moorish stronghold in Europe.


As the seat of the Moorish kingdom of Granada, it was the final stronghold of the Moors in Spain, falling to the Catholic Monarchs Ferdinand II and Isabella I in January 1492. One of Spain’s most frequently visited tourist centers, Granada contains many notable architectural and artistic monuments.

One of the most enchanting things to do in Granada is to get lost in the hillside neighborhood of the Albaycin, another UNESCO-listed World Heritage site. The Albaycín, Granada’s medieval Arabic quarter, was once surrounded by defensive walls and has retained an authentic Moorish character thanks to its picturesque narrow streets and simple whitewashed houses.

Many places in the Albaycín offer stunning outlooks onto the Alhambra complex, which is separated from the Albaycín by the dramatic gorge of the Río Darro.

The most spectacular viewpoint in the Albaycín is the Mirador of San Nicolas, the terrace in front of the 16th-century Church of San Nicolas at the heart of the Albaicín quarter. This frequently painted panorama captures the Alhambra Palace and the Sierra Nevada Mountains.



Everybody knows about Everybody knows about tapas, but what you might not be aware of is just how much a part of everyday life it is in Andalusia, where it originated. From about 1 pm to 4 pm and around 9 pm to midnight you can head into a bar in Granada, order a beer or glass of wine and enjoy a free tapa picked from a menu as part of the deal. From the outside, many of these places will look a little run-down, but don’t be deterred as the less touristy bars are often the best. Tapas can include anything from olives and jamon serrano to patatas bravas, small panini sandwiches, and deep-fried calamari.

For further information, please contact the Tourist Office of Spain

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