Gaudí’s Marvelous Casa Battló Excites the Imagination

Courtesy of @faiizatag via CasaBatlló.es

Barcelona’s most brilliant architect, Antoni Gaudí, changed the urban landscape of the city with his whimsical style. Born in 1852, Gaudí heavily influenced the modernist era of architecture that proliferated in Barcelona during the early 20th century. His structural masterpieces abound in this splendid city, most notably, his marvelous Casa Battló (pictured above) – also known locally as “The House of Bones” due to the skeletal features on the façade. According to the Tourist Office of Spain in Chicago, the house is now a cultural museum, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and can be rented out to private groups for meetings and unique events.

Courtesy of CasaBatlló.es

Using bright, multi-colored glass and tiles, naturally carved stones and soft organic shapes, Gaudí was inspired by the natural elements of marine life. He creatively incorporated these elements into the fluid shape of the building, throughout the curved interior and especially on the bright mosaic façade, which suggests colorful coral reefs. Imagine arriving to a private event and seeing this fantastical building glowing in the night!

Courtesy of CasaBatlló.es

The interior of the house is as fascinating as the exterior. It gives a unique perspective on how the building seamlessly transitions from outside to inside while eliminating all edges and corners. Stained glass windows let the light dance on the walls and mimic the movements of the ocean. Undulating like waves, the walls are decorated with fish scales. A dream space for private events, the Tourist Office of Spain in Chicago states that it is the only modernist building in this upscale area that can be rented out to private parties. Three different areas, each with a dedicated kitchen, may be used for events: The Noble Floor and the Jujol Living Room in the main house, and the Attic that can also be connected to the Roof Terrace.

Courtesy of CasaBatlló.es

Casa Batlló is located in the heart of the city, on the upscale “Passeig de Gràcia”.  This elegant boulevard offers the visitor a delightful place to stroll by incredible architecture, fashionable shops, famous restaurants and luxury hotels.  A recent article in The New York Times, “In Barcelona, Finding Deals With Gaudí as Guide” serves as a great reference for enjoying the neighborhood. Antoni Gaudí’s Casa Battló is open daily from 9am to 9pm and an audio guide is included in the ticket price. It is a profoundly visual experience and one that should not be missed! For more info visit the: Tourist Office of Spain in Chicago .

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