Famous Artist Murillo’s Works Exhibited Throughout Seville

The famous Spanish Baroque painter and artist, Bartolome Estaban Murillo is well known throughout the world and especially in Spain for his religious works and depictions of everyday life.  This year many of his works are displayed throughout Seville in various exhibits.  You definitely want to plan to see most of these exhibits, if not all, if you are planning a Spain trip this year.  Plus Seville in itself is a terrific destination.
Murillo, as an artist, had the greatest influence and projection in Andalusian art from the second half of the 17th century to the 19th century.  His style was appealing to all people – the elites and commoners.  He painted many religious works but also much of his work depicted the life around him during his time.  He painted ordinary people doing daily chores and the things they used in their daily life.

There are many places this year in Seville to see Murillo’s work.  There is Murillo and His Trail at the Saint Claire Convent.  This displays 62 works, some originals.  You will see the power of his images and the attraction to his work in the paintings and sculptures on display.
The exhibit at the Fine Arts Museum, Murillo’s 4th Centenary houses many of his great works.  Also, at the Fine Arts Museum is the Murillo and the Capuchins of Seville.  Reconstruction.  There you will see a full alter piece he made for the Convent of the Capuchins.  This is considered a great masterpiece of Murillo’s.

Other exhibits are:
Murillo in the Cathedral of Seville.  A Holy Perspective at the Cathedral of Seville.  He stood out as a great painter of Catholicism.  His works present holiness and shows the Lord’s preference to the poor.
               Baroque Pottery.  Ceramics in Murillo’s Times at the Centro Ceramica Trianca.
Murillo and the Ephemeral Architectures at the Historic Centre.
Murillo Application, Materialism, Charitas and Populisms at several venues around Seville.

In May and June during the Feast of Corpus Christi in Plaza de San Francisco and Plaza de Salvador, you can see various architectures essential to the festivities in the Baroque period.  Celebrations always has complex, temporary scenarios for the public.  It is built annually for the Corpus Christi Feast.  It is one of the most important religious festivities in Seville.

As you can see, there are many opportunities to see Murillo’s works in the city of Seville.  You can purchase tickets and read more on the exhibits by visiting http://www.murilloysevilla.org/en/exhibitions/.  Also, for more information on Seville and the various Murillo’s exhibitions, contact the Tourist Office of Spain.  They are more than happy to answer your questions and help you plan your event.


Ms. Martinez is a long time member of the hospitality and event planning community.  After a long-term career as a corporate meeting executive for Lennox International Inc., Martinez began doing her own meeting and event consulting.  Recently she has been doing project management as well as managing on-site operations for large conventions; most over 5,000 attendees.  Martinez also authors blogs for the I-Meet website on various destinations.  Additionally, she is a Certified Life Coach and hosts monthly Meetups, Inspiring Women in Transition.


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