Costa Del Sol – A Benchmark for the Practice of Astro-tourism

Do you remember when you were a kid?


Summer time was magical. We would spend hours laying down on fresh warm grass looking at the stars trying to find the Big Dipper, the Little Dipper or the North Star. Some days it was difficult to see them. The lights from the cities were too bright, we had no telescopes making it difficult to find the constellations we were searching for; but there is a place in Andalusia (South East corner of Spain), where starwatching offers unforgettable spectacles and nights full of stunning sensations. In the mountains of Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas, where light pollution is an unknown concept, many people spend hours looking through telescopes taking them to the mysteries of the universe.

This experience would not be possible without a group of young people that became adults without losing that vivacity of curiosity in their eyes. They created AStroÁNdaLus, the first online travel agency specializing in stargazing tours. They offer day trip to the largest Nature Reserve in Spain where you could spend four hours looking at the stars. You will receive an introductory talk, a workshop on the recognition of stars and constellations, and of course spend time looking at the sky using a high quality astronomical telescope. If you are an avid star lover, they offer weeklong trips to remote and lonely places filled with unique adventures, as well as astronomical observations in the city, wine tasting under the stars or nautical workshops on the sea.

Incentive planners, look no further for your next trip. Enjoy the Costa del Sol under the stars. The good weather, cloudless skies, pleasant temperatures and darkness are the main factors that make the Costa del Sol a benchmark for the practice of astro-tourism. Imagine bringing a group to Spain and“After spending the day visiting Malaga, discovering its museums, culture and gastronomy”your group will visit a far away galaxy in the heart of a natural environment. It is now all possible with the help of AStroÁNdaLus.

For further information on Spain, contact the Tourist Offices of Spain.


And as Always Safe Travels!


Marilyne Bouteiller, a Sales and Marketing Professional and French native, has written short stories for various publications since 2011. As a child, she traveled much of Europe and got into the hospitality industry to follow her love for food and travel. She was exposed to different cultures at an early age, and now enjoys writing about her experiences for i-Meet, the Worldwide Business Community for people who plan meetings and events. Follow her on Instagram @thefrenchinme.


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