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Every single task we undertake at @Temptingtravellersto involves some form of logistics and ground transportation, to give you an idea of the complicated journeys we take here is Fiona Knights’ itinerary for the first two weeks of April 2019!

  • Toronto – Dublin (Air)
  • Tour Dublin (Ground)
  • Tour County Clare (Ground)
  • Tour Wild Atlantic Way (Ground)
  • Tour Galway (Ground)
  • Return Dublin (Ground)
  • Dublin to Manchester (Air)
  • Manchester to London (Ground)
  • London to Cambridge (Ground)
  • Cambridge to Windsor (Ground)
  • Windsor to Gatwick (Ground)
  • Gatwick to Toronto (Air)

The expenses involved in ground transportation are complicated and need to be tracked constantly for client billing. Tempting travellers to uses an integrated process working with our current Technology Platform. We submit an automated e-RFP to  miMeetings, who assign, qualify and select local suppliers from their marketplace and create optimal ground and air routing.

Tempting travellers to benefits through:

Cost Reduction & Avoidance

Pre/Arrival/Pre-Departure Notifications & Receipts instantly

Book or edit a ride to an existing manifest in seconds

mimeetings.com even provides Invoices, Payments, Meeting Summary & Data Aggregation to achieve Optimal Savings on Corporate Ground Transportation for Meetings & Events

miMeetings = Cost Savings

We save an average of 20 hours per Meeting!

For more than twenty five years experience in Tempting travellers to, contact Fiona Knight on Linked In, or follow @fknightevents on twitter or instagram.



Fiona Knight Consulting Services in business for over twenty-five years. specializes in project management which includes special events, media launches, conferences, workshops, focus groups, festivals, tours, outside broadcasts, anything that needs an expert hand to guide technical implementation, keeping on track; on time and on budget Look for my Tempting Travellers To... blog at http://i-meet.com/pages/Profiles/MyBlogs.aspx or https://www.facebook.com/TemptingTravellersto or follow on twitter or Instagram @fknightevents


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