Making Sense of Event Ground Invoices with miMeetings

Often difficult and time consuming, ground invoices are a challenge for most planners.  Nonetheless, we can all agree it is a vital step in every program to be able to reconcile them accurately and quickly. But with thousands of meetings being contracted for multiple clients per year, professionals simply don’t have the bandwidth to focus much of their attention on an easy solution.   But now, you don’t have to…thanks to the miMeetings solution!

MiMeetings is the premier driving force in the transformation of ground transportation offering advanced, specialized solutions for the meetings and event industry.  A company that works within each client’s existing process and technology, to save planners time, improve efficiency and visibility, and help achieve your personalized objectives.  This all through an intuitive interface using a 6-step comprehensive service that delivers savings that can be measured in black and white.

Now, picture this – post meeting services at your fingertips with just a few clicks – miMeetings does the work, you get all the glory.  And some time back too!  This includes a platform that creates standardized invoices with summaries of all vehicles used, individual attendee data/spend, and an easy way to reconcile invoices per program. Let’s face it – the process of reconciling all this detailed financial information we have all come to know and love (LOL) can be one of the most tedious aspects of group travel.  Especially when it comes to ground transportation invoices and manifests.

But not with miMeetings!  Once the event is completed, the miMeetings reporting solution reviews the invoice, auditing every charge against the original quotes before sending the final invoice (converted to an easy-to-review format) for your approval and payment. The event is summarized in a report that details cost savings and avoidance (even per attendee), the key metrics and final counts, and miMeetings will then solicit feedback to record comments that are valuable for your future use.



In conclusion, miMeetings is a win-win.  They redefine value for corporate ground travel with tomorrow’s intelligence of data aggregation, today.  The company is just a great way to assist busy M&E professionals by seeing each assignment from start to finish -all the way through reconciliation and tedious payment of invoices.  Resulting in more time for the planner, and recapping results that are recorded and rolled up for an awesome enterprise view in spend management.  So, don’t waste another minute – log onto miMeetings and see what all the buzz is about!



Samantha Meloni is a senior meeting specialist and a 20+ year veteran in the meeting & events industry who contributes to industry-specific pieces for i-Meet. She currently also holds a 3 star Meeting Professional Badge. Feel free to connect with Samantha on LinkedIn, i-Meet and Ive-Been-There.


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