6 New Rules of Virtual Meetings


You’ve been attending virtual meetings for months, but now you might have to produce one yourself. Does that thought scare you? No need to hesitate.  There are a few simple rules that will help you make an engaging experience for your attendees no matter what your experience level.  We briefly touch on each of them in this 5 minute video, the first of a series on virtual meetings.

By the way, you’ve been experiencing them for years as the pros have used them in all kinds of media. Now you can take advantage of them in your offerings, too. 

Please add any other “rules” or experiences you’ve encountered in the comments below, so we can all benefit.



Mark Stevens is a virtual learning/meetings consultant. For 20+ years he has helped Fortune 100 Enterprise Clients, Hotel and Ground Suppliers and TMCs to understand the nuances of online learning and presenting in order to "move the needle" of the business. A principal consultant at i-meet he can also be reached at Learning Luminaries as well as all the social outlets.


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