• Julie posted an update 1 year, 7 months ago

    So many of us are unsure of what our events and meetings will look like moving forward? Will we have to implement physical distancing? Disinfect more? Start the conversation with your teams, execs and fellow meeting professionals. See my latest blog – https://i-meet.com/event-management/post-coronavirus-physical-distancing-in-meeting-setups/

  • Times are changing- rapidly.  The hospitality, travel, meeting and event industry has been hit hard due to the world coronavirus pandemic.  Will it rebound?  Yes, it will and when we do resurface, what will our in

    • Thanks, Julie, for the research and insight on this. It is emerging as a vitally important consideration for planners, so putting a spotlight on this will help the industry.

      • It is daunting to think about what things will look like and how we will design our events moving forward. Lots of discussions to be had!

        • So many questions. Our industry is strong, creative and resilient. I have not doubts that together we’ll find solutions to bring back people together again. Great insight!

          • Agreed People love F2F meetings and get togethers too much for them to go away. Will there be more virtual meetings – yes probably for awhile but you are right that as planners we are creative and resourceful so we will navigate through all of this murky water!

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