Professional Development can be found in Las Vegas!

In the ever-changing world of meeting planning, there is a positive light when seeking improvement within yourself as an employee or an industry innovator and as someone who wants to stay ahead of the game within the professional market.  Your commitment to professional development can be found in Las Vegas, through IMEX America and the doors are open again for you to explore.

Professional development, in any career, provides individual growth and gives way to creating the expertise needed to keep moving forward.  More so, over the past 18 months, the world has required everyone to think outside the box and be open to change, daily.  While the world navigated through rapid change and uncertainty, many felt the need to either shut down completely or seek the opportunity to better themselves by making career changes and finding new ways to attack each hurdle.

The foundation of these decisions was typically made from within, not always understanding the best approach but ultimately staying afloat at whatever cost in the career you know and wanted to enjoy.

In many circumstances, we were forced to trust and obey the leadership before us.  At any level, we found strength in working together to understand necessary change and focus on supporting one another within whatever means was required to continue the plans as we felt were the best practices.  Strong leadership was the backbone to forward movement, setting new goals and achieving results however possible.

Cultures were drastically changed.  Zoom calls became the new norm and large-scale gatherings fell by the wayside, temporarily.  Doors are beginning to reopen and meetings, although many appear different, are back.   Employee happiness may be found at home or in an office environment, with limited interaction with others, while still maintaining a level of stellar success to the task at hand.

Team management is now aiding us in ways which may be less interactive but requires the same level of hands-on commitment.  Trust, within your colleagues, should be felt through every lead, every call, every meeting and at the conclusion of each program.  Regardless of the space between us.

Personal branding is a new obstacle to many who are attending a meeting for the first time or as you continue to adjust to what you once knew.  Personal choice should be valued and respected.  Opinions are in wide-range form, however the basics of a job well done should always remain the bottom line while knowing what you represent.  Branding needs to be displayed with confidence and commitment, strength and determination with a choice to be always at your best.

The positive experience IMEX America promises, within in our industry, will be found in Las Vegas this year.  Creative tools to achieve a success will be found across the trade show floor:  at each exhibitor, at each social event and in every keynote speech. The chance to meet your peers and learn from industry leaders will mean you’re best placed to build resilience and boost your business recovery.  As well as doing business and connecting, education also sits at the heart of IMEX America with over 180 learning sessions – explore them here.  At the end of what was a bump in the road, we are on our way to reestablishing this thriving industry, to better than we once knew and stronger together.

Welcome back to IMEX America!  Succeed in what you love.  The show takes place November 9 – 11 at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas.  For more information visit



Tracey (Detweiler)

Tracey Leinen is the Chief Operating Officer at TEAM Management, a meetings and event company focusing on sports and entertainment business.   She is a proud member of the i-Meet community which has given her the opportunity to be a Global Correspondent in the travel industry through blog writing and researching popular destinations for colleagues worldwide.


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