Corporate Incentive Travel is Catching Up!

Corporate incentive travel is catching up to business travel, giving employees work-life balance away from the comforts of their home office again.

After a two-year hiatus business meetings have been reenergized and find themselves where they left off.  Hotels are seeing more sold-out room nights, larger group functions and a packed house within their outlets.  In the beginning of this expected return, companies were taking a softer approach, tiptoeing into finalizing contracts with restructured clauses and more protection as we moved into a new norm.  Setting attainable, yet revised, goals and hoping business would fully return to life, as we now knew it.

In a time of cautious optimism, there has been an increase of opportunity to incentivize employees, focusing on a creative approach to reach their goals.  Incentives do not need to break the bank or make organizations reach deep into their pockets but the goals, set to be achieved, promise new energy to be rewarded for a job well done after stressful times.  Not only are companies grateful for their employees who maneuvered through with them and the ever-changing regulations, they were grateful to the families who stuck beside their employees and suddenly found themselves with offices in the most unique of places within the home.   Incentivizing employees is a simple way to say thank you, give back and prove that they still hold value within the structure of an organizational chart.

Hotels and resorts are grateful for the opportunity to see this business return as well.  Happy travelers filling their space, booking their excursions, and returning to provide revenue which had been lost and needs to be made up for.  Corporate Incentive travel is fun, it’s an incredible way to boost morale and it’s designed to create smiles and “thank you” opportunities which have always been present, yet are more important than ever.

Destination-based reward travel provides a relaxed, interactive approach to relationship and teambuilding growth within most organizations.  Employees work to succeed, to get recognized and to find themselves being thanked by leadership outside of the pressures of their usual daily lifestyle in the office.  Organizations are once again returning to these practices now that travel has resumed, fears have diminished (enough to try again), and goals are once again being given to employees to gain momentum.  Business travel is back, corporate incentive travel is on the rise and the travel industry is thriving once again.


Pack your bags, hit your goals, earn your incentives.  Corporate incentive travel is catching up and ready to reward those most deserving.

Tracey (Detweiler)

Tracey Leinen is the Chief Operating Officer at TEAM Management, a meetings and event company focusing on sports and entertainment business.   She is a proud member of the i-Meet community which has given her the opportunity to be a Global Correspondent in the travel industry through blog writing and researching popular destinations for colleagues worldwide.


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