4 Ways to Incorporate Meditative Moments into Meetings

Events and meetings can often last for hours or even be all day, which can be exhausting for attendees. Meetings often lead to many unhealthy activities such as sitting for hours on end, eating poorly, and drinking during the after hours of events. While meetings can be very beneficial and provide a great space for thoughts and ideas, there are ways to make the experience healthier as a whole. In fact, 39% of attendees reported falling asleep or being drowsy during meetings according to Hilton. Here are four ways you can incorporate meditative practices in order to create a more effective meeting environment:
Include Physical Activities

Whenever you are creating an agenda for an event it is important to include options for people who prefer to get some physical activity into their day. There are plenty of options depending on your location and venue, but some popular choices include golfing, yoga, batting cages and water sports. Giving attendees the option to get out and explore nature will let them refresh their bodies and minds, allowing for happier and more centered attendees during the event.

Offer Spa Promos for After Meetings

This option can be a little more costly, but people tend to really appreciate having the option. Whether you want to offer onsite massages and facials or partner with a local spa to get a great deal for attendees, people will jump at the opportunity for some pampering after a long day of learning and networking.
Midday Stretches
According to research conducted by Hilton “Americans, Wake Up! Your Meeting Attendees are Falling Asleep”, 2:00 to 4:00 pm are the least productive/attentive part of the day for attendees. A great way to shake things up is to offer breaks where people can choose to participate in a stretch session to reinvigorate the body and keep them more alert. While some attendees may choose to opt out of the actual stretching, taking the time to walk around and change scenery can still help them refocus.
Relaxation Classes
An excellent tool for getting attendees to feel healthier and more engaged is to offer relaxation classes. This can include meditation, breathing, and stress-relief courses. Check out this sample menu for ideas on how to incorporate this strategy into your next meeting.
Planners put a lot of time and effort into planning events and meetings so it’s important to make sure your attendees are actually paying attention and interested in what’s going on. Providing them with an outlet to recharge can increase overall engagement and help facilitate better ideas and participation.
Attendees at the New York Hilton Midtown were recently introduced to the “Meet With Purpose Yoga & Yogurt Event”. This brief video captures how the Hilton event enhanced the attendees experience:

NYC Hilton Yoga & Yogurt Event

Jeanette Ortiz


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