Industry All-Stars

Have you worked with any of these industry all-stars?

Let us know who!

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  • John Pino (CEO/Founder - i-meet)
  • Christine Duffy (CEO - Carnival Cruise Lines)
  • Reggie Aggarwal (CEO - Cvent)
  • Jean Johnson (Co-CEO and Chief People Officer - M&IW)
  • Oni Chukwu (CEO - Aventri)
  • Diane Conley (seasoned industry professional)
  • Mark Stevens (seasoned industry professional)
  • Josh Waldorf (seasoned industry professional)
  • Megan Gaspari (seasoned industry professional)
  • David Chou (seasoned industry professional)

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  •  Samantha 

    This list could be lengthy! Will be fun to see who we know, and how they’ve influenced our industry!

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