Tempting Travellers To Meet Again In Person

The live events industry is getting stronger by the day as many event planners schedule face-to-face events for this year. In etc.venues’ latest survey of 405 event planners, 76 percent said they will hold their next face-to-face event this year. When questioned on the value of face-to-face events, 82 percent of respondents agreed that they value them more now than before the pandemic. 

With the return of in-person events, planners are competing with previously postponed ones causing compression – making it more difficult to book event spaces. While there has always been a degree of estimation in delegate numbers, the pandemic has amplified the need to know exact numbers in order to adhere to safety regulations and reduce revenue loss.  So what will event rooms look like when we are all back to meeting in person again? Meeting planners no longer have to worry about figuring that out. A new event-tech tool could smooth the return to meeting in person by making it easy to plan room layouts that take each region’s safety rules and recommendations into account.

Event-planning platform Allseated announced its new Physical Distancing Tool using algorithms based on local government restrictions. The mapping tool will allow meeting planners, with simple mouse clicks, to set parameters and see what a space will look like, how new rules will affect capacity, room entry and food service—all while putting the safety of guests and staff at the forefront.

For an even better idea of what being in the room will feel like, a click from “bird’s eye” to “3-D first-person” brings the space to life, promised Sandy Hammer, chief marketing officer and co-founder of Allseated.

How can Meeting planners encourage social-distancing in conference rooms?

Any conference room poses a risk to social-distancing by gathering a group of people in an enclosed space for the duration of the meeting. The solution is straightforward: let fewer people in so there’s more flexibility to maintain social distancing. Planners can execute this by setting COVID-19 capacity limits that are lower than current capacity limits on all conference rooms. The proximity of people-to-people must now consider adequate physical distancing. The proximity of people-to-technology and tools for meeting in open spaces must match the provisions of enclosed spaces and simultaneously accommodate remote participants.

Research is showing that being outdoors with access to fresh air is not just good for our state of mind but may be inherently safer than indoor environments due to air flow. Leveraging outdoor spaces to create areas for socializing and collaborating provides even greater choice for safer meeting environments.

Moving forward, organizations will increasingly value face-to-face as a critical tool to remain competitive by fostering innovation for growth that can only be achieved when people meet  in person. We all need to be reassured that it’s safe to return and inspired to return to a compelling environment that supports physical, cognitive and emotional wellbeing – a place where we want to be rather than where we have to be. A place that fulfills our innate human need for connection and a shared sense of purpose and community.

Fiona Knight Consulting Services will continue to prioritize diversity, technology, innovation, psychological wellness, and geo-political and economic trends as we approach our third decade in business. We wish you all well!

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