Successful Onsite Management in 6 Easy Steps!

Nothing else can make your event attendees more frustrated than a bad onsite event experience. The ideal “onsite experience” ensures attendees feel welcome and taken care of at the very first moment they arrive at the event venue.  A lot of factors come into play on event day, including ensuring that everything goes as planned.

Onsite management entails being responsible for the setup and details at the event facility, on the day of the event. This can be a challenging and sometimes frustrating task; here are a few tips that will make this process run smoothly!

Follow these six tips below to ensure that all your months of planning lead to an unforgettable experience for the attendees?

  1. Perform a Dry Run: A dry run or fire drill with the entire team will expose the things that won’t work and missing elements in your seemingly perfect plan. This allows the team to review their execution and make it better on the day of show time. A dry run is a great time to bring everyone on the same page. It is also a chance to brief everyone and train additional event staff to ensure they know what attendees expect and where to find the answers to most questions.
  2. Set Up as Early as Possible: It is important that you begin setting your event at the venue as early as possible. Make a full checklist for setup activities and have enough people on hand to carry out tasks. Conduct a final tie-down meeting with the venue team, these are your go-to people. Let them know all your expectations and requests. They will be able to offer you great help with their expertise.
  3. Make it Easy for Attendees to get in: Find a way for them to register before getting to the event and make the pre-entry requirements as simple as possible.
  4. Choose Event Day Staff Wisely: The staff on event day should not only be competent but also know your brand and what the event is about. Be clear about what you expect from them right from the start.
  5. Fix Problems Quickly: No event goes completely as planned. Expect a few mishaps and have backup plans for your backup plans. In case something should happen to go wrong, fix it quickly, preferably before the attendees can notice.
  6. Don’t forget to have Fun: It can be easy to get caught up in all the planning and execution. So, don’t forget to enjoy your own hard work. The attendees may notice if you’re not all too happy to be there.

Looking for capable and reliable on-site meeting management? Contact the team at the EABJ Consulting for more information and stay calm on the event day.


Juanita E. Gaynor is a seasoned professional in the event industry and the President & CEO of EABJ Consulting & Event Management, a full service special event and meeting management company that designs innovative event solutions for small to large businesses, associations, community benefit and non-profit organizations. Ms. Gaynor started blogging actively in 2010 and writes industry specific pieces for i-Meet, the online business community for people who plan meetings and events; and various other clients, sharing her expansive knowledge of the industry. Feel free to connect with Juanita on LinkedIn and Google+


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