Interactive On-Demand Typewriter Poet for your Virtual Meetings

There is a good possibility that your virtual meeting/events are going to be redundant and while people are attempting to elevate the experience for their clients/guests most things offered are just not that interesting and engaging.
Want something fresh and engaging? How about a live interactive form of entertainment for guests. The idea is having me attend virtual meetings/events and happy hours on zoom and offer for people attending those events to be able to join me in a breakout room for a one on one session where I talk to them for a little and ask what they want their personal poem about, I then type it there on the spot in a matter of minutes and read it to them as I would normally do at events. This performance has awed crowds across the country and in Europe for events of all calibers. It is engaging, personal, whimsical, fun charming, and leaves guests/clients with a personal keepsake (I would mail it to them).
While the industry has gone virtual I do believe that there are few interactive forms of entertainment that will truly make a client feel as special and involved as this would. I would love to talk more with you about it if you are open. Feel free to check my website and social media for more information.


I create personalized on-demand poems using a vintage typewriter for people at events, weddings, and now through many forms of virtual experiences. From corporate meetings, celebrity weddings, PR branding poems, virtual meetings, and even created bulk poems for companies as gifts there is nothing quite like the experience of receiving a custom poem create just for you on a vintage typewriter.


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