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Resuming Event Planning Responsibly.

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Top Concern:  Planners will need to address attendee health and safety.
And almost every industry supplier has communicated their enhanced efforts to provide safe environments.  The big question:  is there a way to help insure this thru process?

WorkMerk has introduced such a solution.

WorkMerk’s newly configured  “VirusSafe Pro” solution features a web-based, mobile technology that empowers an organization’s managers to effectively plan and manage workplace safety by ensuring that their personnel receive in real-time updated safety checklists (e.g., health safety) and health safety communications that have updated policies and protocols. 

WorkMerk aims to improve the worker experience through clear messages and task validation, both of which are vital to creating and encouraging good habits.  In the context of the outbreak of the Coronavirus, “VirusSafe Pro” will also give managers access to a dashboard that provides historical and daily verification of critical health safety tasks like cleaning of various assets (e.g., common spaces, door handles, countertops, etc.). 

Would this approach by event suppliers influence your booking decisions?

See the press release and video below



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