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Research on evolving views on when F2F events will resume
Week 47 – Industry Survey

Cvent on Hybrids – Finding the Right Venue
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________________________________Industry Recovery ForecastDo you have future live event RFPs in progress?
57% of planners have RFPs in progress for future live events.
2021 Breakdown:  Q1 (4%); Q2 (16%); Q3 (27%); Q4 (27%); in 2022 (36%)

77% of Planners expect to resume F2F events in 2021
Are your plans targeting 2021, or 2022?

New Survey Queries:

2021, 2022 or 2023:
When do you expect your annual events totals will return to pre-pandemic levels?

Are you currently planning to travel for business, or to an event in 2021?

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More for Meeting Professionals
Hybrid events requires an increased level of coordination and partnership with your venue.

Hybrid Event Venue: Finding the Right Space
Madison Layman, Cvent BlogA hybrid event requires an increased level of coordination and partnership with your venue,  the epicenter for your on-site experience. But for a hybrid meeting where engaging a virtual audience is essential to event success, the hybrid event venue plays an elevated role in hosting safe and effective events and facilitating the technology to do so.


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