i-Meet.com Weekly Planner Confidence Survey – Week 30



Week #30 Industry Survey – October 19
For Meeting Professionals Only

Research on evolving views on when F2F events will resume

Current Survey Trends:

49% of planners are actively involved in processing new RFPs;
16% expect their next F2F event before year end; and
73% have a future F2F event on the books/contracted.

Can we ask for a few minutes of your time to keep this industry research current?

Thank you!

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What’s Booked; When is your NEXT F2F Event;
Your view on supplier readiness;
What types of events are likely to operate, and more……


Thank you for participating for 2 minutes each week!

Survey Global Sponsors:  i-Meet and EproDirect

More for Meeting Professionals
As meeting professionals begin to plan their strategies for a safe return to F2F events, processes and planning will evolve.  Here’s a baseline to start your thinking.

5 Things In-Person Meetings Must Address:
ventilation, event design, waivers, code of conduct, and testing/quarantines



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