The Holy Grail Route

History’s most elusive relic.  It was the object of Indiana Jones’ Last Crusade. Wars were fought over it.  Monty Python spoofed it.  And I found it!  The Holy Grail.
Writings about its many myths go back more than eight centuries.  And, as with any legend, the stories have evolved and taken on a life of their own, and historical events have become imbued with religious beliefs, fictional literature and fantastic theories.
So what is the Holy Grail?  The truth is, there is no consensus on exactly what the Holy Grail is.  Though some regard it as mythology, many believe the object does exist.  It has been described as a sacred vessel, chalice bowl, platter, etc., with miraculous powers of eternal life.  Some say it was the chalice used to collect the blood of Christ during the Crucifixion, while others claim it is the Holy Chalice used during the Last Supper.

Many believe that the most likely contender for the Holy Grail is in Valencia’s Cathedral.  Kept in the Golden Chapel of the Holy Grail behind glass since 1437, legend has it that it was taken by St. Peter to Rome and then reached Valencia from Huesca after crossing over 500 kilometres of various stunning landscapes, ending up at Valencia’s Gothic Cathedral.

Whatever you believe about the Holy Grail, it certainly sparks curiosity!  And wouldn’t it be fun to go on your own quest for it?
Now you can!  The Trail of the Grail takes you on the path of the Holy Grail to allow you to experience history in every step.  The tour takes you through nine towns in Valencia and another nine in Castellón crossing the Sierra Calderona and Sierra de Espadán Natural Parks.  This rural path is diverse and exciting, answering many questions about the Holy Grail and how it got to Spain.  You will feel like an archaeologist.  Plus, there are many activities to do along the way, like mountain climbing, rafting or cycling.

So, why not be your own Indiana Jones?  The Trail of the Grail is the adventure and the treasure without the snakes, gun-toting villains, and dangerous obstacles to endure!
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About the author:  Karen Keller is a meeting and events professional working for Cvent.  She has over twenty years of experience in the meetings & events industry.  Karen actively contributes to industry blogs for i-Meet.  You can connect with Karen via i-Meet or LinkedIn.


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