Las Vegas is for Lovers…of Meetings!!


In the early 19th century, Spanish traders crossing the Mojave Desert discovered ancient artesian springs that had sustained life for millennia in the area. Calling them “Las Vegas” (“the meadows”), they gave the unlikely future desert destination its name.


Over the years, the city has earned the distinction as one of the world’s top meeting and convention centers.  There are few meeting destinations on earth that can rival Las Vegas, with its seemingly endless array of dazzling accommodations, resorts, casinos, entertainment, and night life. With over 3,700 conventions hosted annually in Las Vegas, it’s clear that Sin City is an enormous draw for meetings of all sizes and industries.


The city’s penchant for spectacle and surprise can make planning events and meetings in Las Vegas more fun and exciting than anywhere else in the world.


Las Vegas makes it easy for all those delegates to arrive. McCarran International Airport, which is located right next to the Strip, is ranked among the 12 busiest airports in the world based on the amount of passenger activity and is served by more than 30 air carriers. With over 900 flights arriving and departing daily, McCarran International Airport offers direct flights to more than 130 U.S. cities.  Best of all, if your flight is delayed you can continue gambling at the airport!!


Vegas also has more celebrity chef restaurants and buffets per square mile than any other city and they are also within steps of top shows. From an intimate poolside mixer to a lavish banquet for 10,000 attendees, the city’s meeting and convention center services and facilities will cater to your priorities with unmatched flexibility.


Did you know almost half of the meetings held in Las Vegas involve less than 500 people? Big or small, every meeting is equally important. The LVCVA has sales representatives dedicated to ensuring groups of up to 100 peak rooms to finding the perfect hotel for your meeting.


They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but every time I’ve planned a meeting there the attendees can’t stop talking about it and beg to go back ASAP!!






Julie Surrey is a Partner at Creative Planette and is a seasoned professional in the events industry. Ms. Surrey started blogging actively in 2010 and writes industry specific pieces for i-Meet, the online business community for people who plan meetings and events.


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