Top 5 Reasons to Visit Bermuda

If you’ve never been to the lovely island of Bermuda, here are a few reasons to book your flight and pack your bags! From lush beaches to remarkable explorations, Bermuda will never cease to delight.

  1. Horseshoe Bay Beach

A quick online search of Bermuda and you’ll be bombarded with photos and reviews of Horseshoe Bay Beach.  After viewing a few pictures online you’ll understand why. The stunning pink sand beach is one of the island’s most popular destinations to tourists and locals alike.  The beach, which is shaped like a horseshoe, is roughly a quarter of a mile long with trails that allow access to many surrounding south shore beaches. The water is crystal clear making it a great spot to do some underwater exploring, or simply for a refreshing swim.

  1. Crystal & Fantasy Caves

Another must-see on the island is the Crystal and Fantasy Cave located in the main city of Hamilton. Book a tour and check out these elaborate caves full of mesmerizing stalactites and the clearest water that will allow you to see all the way down to the depths of the cave. If you want to get a little more adventurous there are also tours that take you into the ocean to do some wreck diving around the island.

  1. Port Royal Golf Club

Whether you’re a golf enthusiast or brand new to the game, you will appreciate all that the Port Royal Golf Club has to offer. The course is roughly 20 miles in length and considered to be one of the best golf courses worldwide. The backdrop of the Bermuda landscape with its blue waters makes for an excellent day on the green. With tee times varying throughout the day and golf lessons available, Port Royal has something to offer every type of golfer.

  1. Codfish Breakfast

Salt Cod is a staple of Bermuda cuisine and makes the perfect breakfast for a day of exploring or relaxing on the beaches. Although you may see it made in a variety of ways, the traditional breakfast is typically made up of salted codfish, bananas, potatoes, eggs, avocado and tomato sauce. A hearty way to start your day in Bermuda!

  1. Rum Swizzle & Dark n Stormy

Finally, no tropical vacation is complete without a signature cocktail. In Bermuda Gosling’s rum is the spirit of choice and the island is lucky enough to have two very delicious signature drinks. The Rum Swizzle is made up of pineapple and orange juice, grenadine, bitters and two types of rum, while the Dark n Stormy includes dark rum, ginger beer and lime juice. Pick your favorite and take it with you on a stroll across Horseshoe Bay Beach.
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