Credit cards are a vital part of our business and personal lives!

Most of us have our preferences, but you might be pleasantly surprised at the incredible number of options to improve your benefits. Some have amazing sign-on bonus – up to 50,000 points! Some feature 0% APR (Interest Rate).

We ‘ve partnered with to give you great options.

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It’s a search engine like and you can compare different card offers like Amazon or other shopping sites. This is a simple yet powerful tool for finding the right card for you.

Why bother getting a new credit card? Or maybe retiring an existing one?

Reasons to check this out:

Lower interest rates.

Big sign up bonuses (easy for a planner to take advantage of)

You might even be able to add 1 more vacation a year by managing your credit cards right! It is very possible

Perks! Some cards give you access to many (hundreds) of airport clubs around the world.

Better cards from great banks, and backed by a strong 18 year-old company, Acclaim Domains, parent of

Many credit cards charge an international currency transaction fee, which can be up to 3% of the total charges! An expensive fee that cuts directly into your profits on international meetings or events for charges abroad.

The best part about Credit Card Navigator is that you can use it regularly to see new high bonus card offers.

You can also view a list of the best Travel and Airline Cards with limited time sign-up bonuses that are right for you. As well as a list of the overall Best Credit Card offers.

If you are a business owner, see the list of the best Business Rewards Cards for you.

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