When is The Best Season to visit Brazil?

The best time of the year to visit Brazil depends on a few things. The weather is one fundamental element to consider before setting dates for your trip.

The seasons in the Southern Hemisphere are opposite to the Northern ones. Due to the  size of the country, there is a lot of regional variations in the climate, and since Brazil is almost entirely located in the tropics, it never gets really cold which makes it a great destination year round. The weather is made up of several climate extremes, though none of which are severe enough to deter travel to an area at any given time. Humidity and rainfall are the most important aspects to take in consideration. 

The wettest months in Rio de Janeiro will roughly be between October and January. The Winter (June to August) is like summer in the northern part of the U.S. varying between 58 to 77 degree F. However the humidity can make the evenings feel surprisingly chilly. Winter is one of the best times to visit, go hiking and sightseeing in Rio thanks to the cooler temperatures and lack of haze providing endless views. 

The Spring weather (September and October) means warm days in São Paulo, and the winter can feel colder than Rio. 

In most of Brazil the summers are very hot with high humidity. The Northeast (from Salvador north) is warm year-round, often with a pleasant breeze coming off the ocean. The winter months are slightly wetter, but even then the amount of rain is limited. 

The Amazon is hot and humid year-round. The dry season lasts from June to December and is often called “summer” by the locals as it is hot and sunny. The wet season runs from December to May and is referred to as “winter”. 

The Pantanal, located west central Brazil bordering Bolivia and Paraguay is very hot in the rainy season with most of the rain falling December through March. The driest time of the year is May through October with nighttime temperature dropping around 68 degree F. 

So, when is the best time to visit or plan a meeting? Summer (in the Northern Hemisphere) look especially attractive to me as it is cooler in the Southern Hemisphere. 

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