Brazil Waives Visa Requirement for US and Canada

On June 17th, 2019 Brazil waived the visa requirement for US and Canadian citizens to visit this popular South American country.  Both Americans and Canadians no longer are required to obtain the visa passport stamp that previously granted entry into the country.  This is huge!  Not only is it a cost savings for us Americans and our Canadian friends, but it will certainly bring more tourism, meetings and incentives to Brazil. And, traveling now to Brazil is just that much easier…just grab your passport, luggage and go!

Last January, Brazil began accepting Visas electronically with its e-visa for only $44.24. This was a substantial cost savings compared to around $169 prior and didn’t require a trip to the Brazilian consulate and an often-lengthy wait to obtain the visa.  Now, the requirement has been waived altogether.  When the country began accepting the e-visas, applications spiked from 169,910 in 2017 to 229,769 in 2018.  No doubt, this visa waiver will see the number of applicants increase even more substantially.  This is a win-win for Americans and Canadians as well as Brazil Tourism.  Brazil is just an incredible country with so many wonderful cities and sites to visit.  It truly is an awesome destination for groups.  Additionally, Americans and Canadians may spend up to 90 days in the country and also request an extension for an additional 90 days within a 12 month period, not to exceed 180 days.

This is also great news for event and incentive planners.  Now they won’t have the hassle of ensuring their attendees have the proper documentation. They can visit Brazil for all it has to offer, enjoy incredible cities, the famous Carnaval, a caipirinha drink (the national cocktail), taste their incredible coffee, and experience the warm Brazilian hospitality without the hassle of securing a visa; just a passport is needed.

São Paulo, Brazil’s financial center and one of the world’s most populated city is rich in culture and architectural design.  São Paulo is also a leading hub of economic development in the Americas.  This city is bustling and vibrant.  I visited there a few years ago and its pulsing vibe is exhilarating and of course, much business is done here.

The WTC São Paulo (the World Trade Center) was founded in 1995 and is an icon in all Latin America.  This huge complex is a comprehensive business hub.  Five business platforms are located here, sharing the same address.  There is a 25-floor business and office tower, a 289-room Sheraton hotel, a 12,000 square meter Event Center, a Business Club and a mall (D & D).  The WTC is centrally located in the city and in an area of economic multi-international and major Brazilian offices. For information click  here

Planners can plan for their attendees to stay at the Sheraton and use their meeting space in additional to using the incredible space at the WTC Events Center.  The Events Center can accommodate all kinds of events including large meetings, product launches, shows and various meal functions. 

For more information on the Events Center, click here

Brazil is a fabulous country to visit and offers so much.  And, now it is much easier to travel to with the visa waiver.  Be sure to make São Paulo part of your itinerary.  You won’t be disappointed.  A must-visit city!  To obtain more information, please contact Roberto A. Dultra – Sales Vice President/North America at or call 1-571-888-4156.  For more information about São Paulo visit the Visit São Paulo website.


Julie Martinez, CMP, CMM is a meeting, event and incentive planning specialist providing consulting, strategic planning and on-site management.  She is a member and contributor of I-Meet, the online business community for people who plan meetings and events. Please connect with her on LinkedIn and follow her Twitter.


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