i-Meet PCI Survey February Results Video


A 90 sec video of the RESULTS of the weekly PCI survey.

We’ve been taking the Planner Confidence Index survey weekly for a year now. 10,000 responses later a picture is emerging. To help business leaders to plan capital, staffing and operations we present the results up to February 2021 answering:

When do you believe your NEXT F2F event will occur?
Do you have future events contracted?
Do you have any RFP in progress?
Do you expect to travel to events?
When do plan on returning to pre-COVID event levels?

May we ask for your thoughts as we continue build the picture? Please tap the link below to respond.

Planner Confidence Index: When do you expect to resume operating face to face events?




Mark Stevens is a virtual learning/meetings consultant. For 20+ years he has helped Fortune 100 Enterprise Clients, Hotel and Ground Suppliers and TMCs to understand the nuances of online learning and presenting in order to "move the needle" of the business. A principal consultant at i-meet he can also be reached at Learning Luminaries as well as all the social outlets.


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