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Posted by John Pino on 09 June 2013 / 04:20 PM 803 Views

So what's next for those who seek the unusual, the ultimate bucket list experience?  A lot has been said about space travel, but this one caught my attention - a luxury resort under the sea!


The Magnificent Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji









Surrounded by a depth of 12 feet along one of the islands of Fiji, washed by a crystal clear turquoise lagoon has an area of 20 square kilometers. Poseidon is the only place in the world where guests can spend the night in a unique underwater hotel - seven stars service now. 













Here's a link to the future!




The first underwater housing was built under the Conshelf II project by Jacques Cousteau in 1962. Then 70 submarines premises designed mainly for a short-lived research were built . Now there are only two of them, and both in Florida: the U.S. Aquarius - a private research center located at a depth of 15 meters and Jules Undersea Lodge a quite successful underwater motel. 


Poseidon ( after the name of the god of the sea) is a hotel designed by Bruce Jones – the President of Submarines, the U.S.A. who spent much of his career designing submarines for the rich people. 


The Poseidon Hotel is close to Fiji, 12 m under water and it has 22 rooms of 51 square meters each. Each room will have a 270 degree view of the ocean. 


The Poseidon Underwater Resort will offer tourists possibilities to steer the submarine and to make excursions among the coral reefs and practice different sports. 


A room will be $ 15,000 per night, the price includes a private jet transportation from the airport in Fiji. 


The estimated cost of the project is $105,000,000.