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2017: The Year of Healthy Meetingsback to group


It’s the time of the year when both holiday indulgences and freshly made new year’s resolutions about exercise and diet habits are top of mind. As someone who travels frequently for business, I know that no matter how committed you are to a healthy regime while at home, it’s far too easy to resort to bad food choices when you’re on the road. 

A recent Hilton survey underscored this challenge, over half of our survey respondents said they pay attention to what they eat and make sure to exercise in their daily lives, but most were unsatisfied with the ability to maintain this lifestyle while attending meetings at hotels. In fact, fifty-two percent said they ate a meal or snack they didn’t want because a better option wasn’t available and thirty-nine percent reported falling asleep or being drowsy during meetings. I think we’ve all experienced that 3pm slump! 

In my role as director of B2B Marketing at Hilton, I’m especially attuned to the desire of business guests to not lose track of their health and wellness goals as well as the business need for meeting attendees to be their most productive. This means attendees need to be comfortable and refreshed and with this in mind, I made it a pet project to be the change that others desired to see in this industry. We launched Meet with Purpose. 

The concept is simple – we provide meeting and event professionals with ideas to boost energy and in turn generate creative and collaborative thinking. We made it our mission to identify the details that would make attendees happier, healthier and more productive while convening for their business conference or event at our properties. We facilitate this by offering nutritious meals and snacks and options for exercise breaks. 

When it comes to food, we strive to instill a “quality over quantity” mindset. Teaming with meeting planners, our executive chefs source ingredients locally and seasonally. We fight food fatigue with items high in protein that keep attendees alert and able to concentrate. Then we team the nutritious and tasty meal offerings with common fitness activities that can be built into a meeting agenda, such as walking and gentle yoga. 

One such offering that embodies wellness and health is our Yoga & Yogurt menu item. It features a morning yoga session followed by a nutritious and delicious yogurt parfait bar. Our “Cut and Create Salad” menu item is another option that delivers nutritious-packed dishes. With scissors in hand, meeting attendees prepare their meal from a unique, custom-made display of local greens and accoutrements – items such as edamame, pickled papaya, jicama and polenta croutons – placed along the center of a conference table.

Our team would be thrilled to share more simple and effective tips to help meeting planners achieve productive meetings and attendees to stay on track with their health goals.

Toni Zoblotsky, director of B2B marketing at Hilton Worldwide, is responsible for leading teams that deliver quality creative assets to elevate the client experience and perception of the Hilton portfolio. As part of this overall effort, Toni helped bring to life the Meet with Purpose program. 


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Diane (United States) wrote:19 January 2017 / 02:30 PM

I am so glad to hear that Hilton is offering options for attendees that want to stay healthy while they attend meetings.  With so many of us traveling so much, it sounds like Hilton is really listening to business travelers!  THANK YOU, Hilton!!!!!

wrote:20 January 2017 / 01:06 PM

also, check out beautyhero.com, they offer onsite fitness classes in all formats for meetings and events or email at info@beautyhero.com, its about time to make room in the meeting agenda for this! 

wrote:24 January 2017 / 03:54 PM

Would hope the concept could apply to international meetings also......

Juanita (United States) wrote:25 January 2017 / 06:57 PM

This is awesome! This is a getting value add especially for clients and business managers who are looking to maintain a work life balance for attendees.

wrote:25 January 2017 / 07:03 PM

I love the idea of yogurt and yoga in the morning!  Great way to eat right and get in a little exercise in the morning!

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